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As a Canberra tiler, Jorge Pereira would wear earmuffs to deaden the noise of his grinder as he cut tiles to size. He chose not to wear safety glasses “because it was uncomfortable and impracticable to wear both at the same time.” Luckily, Jorge survived his career as a tiler without damaging his eyes or ears. Sadly, however, many tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts are not so lucky.


Jorge played around with combinations of safety glasses and earmuffs before coming up with the First Generation in Eye Muffs, G1 Serious. Jorge has taken the design further and developed the next best thing in safety, a 4-in-1 system called Eye Muffs G6, comprising of safety goggles, earmuffs, face shield and a half mask respirator.


(Eye Muffs G6 Coming out soon)


Jorge and his company’s focus are workers’ safety and comfort, as well as making safety stylish, cool and fashionable. Reptiler is constantly at the forefront of innovation and prides its self on being leaders in the Combined Safety Wear.


Mission Statement: To design and manufacture the best in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the professional and DIY user, and exceed customer requirements at all times.


Headquartered in Canberra, Australia, Reptiler services the Australian and overseas PPE industry. The trademarked Eye Muffs are unique, patented products from Reptiler, which have altered and raised the bar in PPE standards forever. Eye Muffs G1 Serious are fitted with a medium impact resistant lens (but not unbreakable) and basic earmuff protectors. Eye Muffs are 100% pain free to use and give a 100% ear cup seal at all times. They can also be worn with prescription glasses and with any hard hat or brimmed hat


Reptiler Pty Ltd CEO -Founder


Jorge Pereira